Barrier Brewing Company: Money IPA

This is an in-depth look of the Barrier Brewing Company: Money label.

I'll be posting a couple of different labels over the next few days. I thought I'd start with one of the brewery's most sought after beer. Below is the label and below it are descriptions as to how it got to where it got to and original sketches and photos. It is the main beer of the Money Series, the others being Daddy Warbucks (Double IPA) and Non-Cents (American Pale Ale) therefore I have been trying to keep these within the format created originally by Daddy Warbucks. 
I asked Evan Klein, master brewer to make a mean mug showing off his teeth which I would ultimately change to the gold grill.
Below is the initial drawing but Evan didn't want his whole face recognized on the label so this one was scraped. 
Here is the drawing that ultimately got used along with some adjustments and fine toothing by hand and computer.
Evan wanted his tats shown off, specially the one with the Barrier "B". Below are drawings of his exact ones, granted the Barrier "B" is on the other side of his arm but Evan really wanted it shown off which I was happy to oblige with since, I mean come on, it's one sick tat.
These are all the diamonds used in the necklace including the diamond hops.
Different views of the bottles are below.
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