Burning Man: Caravansary 2014 Ticket (unofficial)

This came out of a lot of worrying, reworking and reworking and lots of stuff being thrown out and not used at all. Some of which I have added below such as some cool lettering and an experiment with creating the background with melting crayons. I am amazed this actually didn't get used but the thought behind this was a Vishnu acorn port and building palace plucks the ships from the sky and builds the town that can be gone tomorrow like a caravansary. I thought Vishnu's arms would be cool to reference the Hindu god of creator and destroyer of all existences. Then going more with the creation side I thought an acorn for the palace because of the age old phrase "an acorn grows the mighty oak." The week long town being the oak. There's no way you would be able to see this on the actual ticket but Dave from 2001: A Space Odyssey is coming out of the doorway and the windows and lights are supposed to be referencing the ending of the movie where he is stepping through his head and here he is coming out the other side. I've added a close-up of the doorway to show this cool detail. The tear off tag was inspired from Mexican art that I grew up with living in Texas and Oklahoma as a kid. I couldn't be more proud of this strange, difficult illustration and design job.

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