Funky Meets Funkadelic in the Winter

A poster based around the classic record by Funkadelic titled "Open Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" for a funk (sour beer) forward beer event.

Bringing the funk and combining it with more funk. The initial idea came out of the Funkadelic cover for "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" and this is for a sour beer (or funky beers) event taking place soon. I've removed all of the text for this post to show parts that will not make it to the final (I think you can guess as to what won't.) I wanted to make sure this poster was as funky as the music from the source material so I made sure to make it trippy with the line work. The woman blowing into the sky happened naturally. I already had the bend of line work above her and had outlined it and when I put it over the existing work it was bluer and when I clipped it, it really looked like she was making the winter wind which tripped me out. "Can you get to that?"
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